Welcome to our clinic!

It is 1994 when Dr. Roberto Venturini, in the wake of what was happening in Italy in the big cities like Milan, Rome and Turin, and which for years had been consolidated in the USA and in the Anglo-Saxon countries, has the idea of opening a multi-specialized structure in Padua. It was necessary, in fact, to change the way of interpreting the veterinary profession going beyond what could be the interests of the individual freelancer but organizing itself in a group in order to be able to offer customers the possibility of having a structure able to better satisfy most of the medical-surgical needs of their animals also taking advantage of a 24-hour emergency department.

Among the veterinarians interested in the project, in the same year Dr. David Chiavegato, who for some time had already started an independent ultrasound and cardiology pathway for companion animals, joined the natural evolution of the new structure. However the project finds fulfillment only in 1997 when, to Dr. Venturini and to Dr. Chiavegato, are added five colleagues that at the time operated above all in the First Aid of the Structure and that, in the meantime, they had found each his own branch of interest in internal medicine and veterinary surgery.

In questo modo nasce un’Associazione Professionale che ancora oggi rappresenta il cuore e il cervello del gruppo e di cui fanno parte, oltre al Dott. Venturini e al Dott. Chiavegato, la Dott.ssa Roberta Segantini, il Dott. GianAndrea Barbieri, il Dott. Marco Frendo, il Dott. Piergiorgio Fiorentin e il Dott. Adriano Lachin.

La Struttura, all’epoca, si estendeva su una superficie di circa 300 mq., con ambulatori specialistici, sale chirurgiche e un piccolo laboratorio d’analisi. Parallelamente alla Clinica inizia un’operazione di “gestione del territorio” con l’apertura di varie unità “satelliti”, ossia ambulatori distribuiti in varie zone di Padova e Provincia. Vengono così aperti, in ordine cronologico, gli ambulatori di via Frigimelica nel centro storico di Padova, di via Vigonovese a Camin e di via Bachelet a Limena.

The years pass and the group, to always offer professionalism and a better service, makes new investments in order to acquire equipment that is always at the forefront in the veterinary field and, some Associates, become excellences, both nationally and internationally, in their own branch of interest (Dr. Chiavegato for Cardiology and Dr. Lachin for Anesthesia).

In 2003 it is thought to transfer the almost decennial experience of Padua to the city of Vicenza where the Sirio Clinic is opened which creates a new professional collaboration, as well as with local colleagues, also with the veterinary sector of the American military base in the city .

Meanwhile in Padua the spaces, which at the beginning also seemed too large, begin to be narrow and "old"; it is therefore thought to transfer the structure to another location. This is not easy either for finding a suitable place, or for the considerable financial commitment it entails and which leaves everyone a bit perplexed. But the thing must be done if we want to continue to guarantee a better service to our customers. Fortunately, in December 2008, Dr. Venturini, always on the hunt for a suitable place, finally found the right opportunity and, united the Group, unanimously decided to proceed with the work. The dream that we have been lazing for years has finally come true and we have a double surface compared to the previous one, so about 600 square meters. The greater extension and the experience gained with the previous structures allow us to create a tailor-made clinic, optimizing the spaces in order to allow us veterinarians to work in the best possible conditions and, consequently, offer a better service to the Clientele.

In August 2009, in record time, we succeed in entering the new Structure in via Cardinal Callegari 48 in Padua.

Nel 2020, consci dell’inadeguatezza della struttura rispetto alla crescita due lavoro e all’aumentata richiesta d prestazioni specialistiche, si acquisisce un nuovo immobile sito in via Cesalpino 8 ( zona Chiesanuova ) che nel 2021 trova il suo completamento. Nella nuova struttura anch’essa di circa 600mq trovano spazi adeguati la fisioterapia dotata anche di vasca con tapiniate roullant in acqua, TAC , modernissime sale operatorie, e tutte le altre specialistiche che vengono spostate dai locali di via Cardinal Callegari.

Today the work is organized by a Professional Association which sees the participation, in addition to the seven founders, of many other colleagues who, along the way, believed in the goodness of the project and who contribute with their professionalism to the growth of the Group.