Conviene cambiare cibo spesso al mio cane/gatto?

The cat, unlike the dog, tends to be a habitual animal and to prefer both the brand and the type (dry vs. wet) of the food that it has always eaten: this does not mean that there are no cats that prefer to change food or dogs that are not routine!
Changing food frequently can be useful but also, in the case of particular clinical conditions, risky: think, for example, of all animals with chronic gastro intestinal problems or animals with various pathologies in which the variation of food could alter an reached balance clinical.
In case you want to change food, the advice is to change the food gradually, inserting 25% of new food every 2 days: then days 1 and 2 with 75% old food and 25% new food, days 3 and 4 with 50% old food and 50% new, 5-6 days with 25% old food and 75% new food and then, from day 7, only new food.

Category: Nutrition

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